My top 10 reasons I don’t like Klaine (Unpopular opinion)

I just want to start by saying that I love both Darren and Chris and there are (or more were) some aspects to Klaine that I liked, but yeah….

1. Blaine was the first nice gay guy Kurt had met. This makes it seem like Kurt was so desperate and insecure that he felt like Blaine was his only option.
2. It revolves around what Blaine and what he wants 90% of the time. Examples (there’s probably better ones, but this is the one that comes to mind): Calling Kurt during work hours and expecting him to drop everything to talk to him (4x03 and 4x04) and taking Kurt to a gay bar to see Sebastian knowing how Kurt felt about him (3x05).
3. Blaine had no respect for Kurt’s friends (I’ll admit he’s better now). Eg. Slut shaming Sam (3x08). Sure, he doesn’t have to like them, but it never hurts to be nice or keep your mouth shut.
4. Regardless of how Kurt sees it, under most countries laws, Blaine would be charged with attempted rape in 3x05 if charges were pressed. Being drunk is not a justification.
5. Kurt always comes crawling back and made out to look like the bad guy, even when it’s not his fault.
6.(Kind of ties in with above) Blaine can only seem to admit that he is wrong when his world falls apart. Eg. Trying to blame Kurt for his loneliness (4x04).
7. This is more why I hate Blaine, but the way that nearly everyone seems to think the sun shines out his fucking ass is annoying. He’s not perfect. He’s not the best singer. He is a typical guy with flaws.
8. Some of the shippers. I get it, you ship Klaine and probably disagree with everything I say. That’s cool, believe it or not, I am not here to freaking change your mind. But stop trying to convert people and shaming them if they disagree with you. And really stop trying to victimize yourself afterwards. Oh and one more thing. Adam, Sam or any other possible love interest Klaine may have are not being bad guys for being there or “keeping Klaine apart”. If you have other reasons for disliking them, fine, but being alive is not a reason to hate a character.
9. (Once again, kinda ties in with above) The fact that nearly everyone seems to think that they were some great revolutionary couple that has done so much for the LGBT community. I won’t lie, they have helped some people (including a male friend of mine) and maybe even the cause as a whole, but they are not the sole couple like people make them out to be.
10. Their lack of communication. Prime examples: Blaine going to NY to admit cheating, yet he couldn’t communicate (in normal hours) how he was feeling (4x04), Blaine’s inability to communicate his fears of Kurt leaving and Kurt’s inability to express how unloved he was feeling (both in 3x17).